How to Spot a Reliable Electrician


Are you alarmed by the frequent circuit breaker trips that are happening in your house? This is indeed disturbing and you are just ready to pick up your phone to get the nearest electrician in your vicinity. But then you realize that you do not want any so-so residential electrician working on this. Are you now confused on how to resolve your dilemma?


Understanding what is at stake here, you put your entire energy in finding the best electrical contractor in Greenbelt, MD. This led you to inspect every item in the yellow pages. Unfortunately, this will become a great disappointment to you especially since doing this will not help you verify the quality of their work. You expanded your search by checking the web. This may prove to be more helpful especially when you filter the results to only show the ones with excellent feedback. But what should you do next? Here is a list of questions that you need to ask an electrician before hiring anyone:


  1. Are you licensed? You should never assume that their answer is a yes so there is a need to ask this question. Other than that, you have to verify if the electrical contractor has a license as a master electrician or a journeyman. The former has at least two years of experience and is allowed to design, repair, and install. On the other hand, the latter can only do installations.
  2. Do you have insurance? This is another thing that you should never speculate about. You must know whether or not they have coverage. You must ask if they have a comprehensive business liability and workman’s compensation. But you should not stop there. You must call their insurance companies and verify if these policies are still active.
  3. What is your recruitment process? This may seem to be a strange question to ask in connection to your quest to find the right residential or commercial electrician. But this will protect you and your possessions. Are you aware of the numerous crimes perpetrated by the people who were hired to do some home or office repair jobs? We might not have the exact figures, but their numbers are alarming. You should know whether or not they conduct a thorough criminal background check.


Now that you know what to do before you hire a commercial or residential electrician, you should not hesitate to ask help from May's Electrical Service LLC. We are more than happy to help you. All you need to do is call us at (240) 498-9564 and we will do the rest.


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